5 Best Places to Learn JavaScript Online

Javascript is described and referred to as the official language of the web. Most online and mobile applications are created using the language.

Regardless of your experience at coding, from beginner to intermediate coder, JavaScript is certainly one of the best if not the best language to start with. And thanks to the advent of mobile technology and internet-ready devices, the language has become quite popular these days which means, for anyone looking to learn JavaScript, they are sure to be acquiring a valuable skill in this day and time.

JavaScript is much simpler than most other computer languages, which not only makes it easier to learn and work with but also one of the most open and widely supported languages when it comes to developer support. JavaScript is a cross-platform language and as such can be used on a different devices, computers and applications.

Contrary to popular belief, coding does not always require a physical tutor or even a college, you can teach yourself to code in any language. In this article we have listed what we consider our 5 best places to learn JavaScript online at little or no expense at all.

Mozilla’s JavaScript Guide

The Mozilla JavaScript Guide is hosted on Mozilla’s developer resources network and is most definitely one of the most comprehensive guides you would find on the internet. It does not matter what the student’s skill level is as this guide is ideal for all levels, from beginner to expert. The Mozilla guide covers a variety of topics from basic coding lessons to more advanced functions.

Wikibooks JavaScript Guide

Over the years, crowdsourcing has come to be respected as a great way to get information and this Wikibooks JavaScript Guide is one of the products of crowdsourcing. Essentially a crowdsourced online tutorial, this guide is quite frankly top-notch and extremely useful. If you are looking to learn something specific without having to read an entire JavaScript tutorial then this guide is a great resource.

JavaScript Tutorial by W3schools

This free online JavaScript course is provided by W3schools. W3schools are known to offer a variety of programming lessons. This tutorial takes you from beginner to comfortably savvy when it comes to JavaScript and in a bid to test your knowledge, you can take a final exam that earns you a JavaScript certification. While JavaScript y W3schools is a great place for beginner to intermediate coders, experienced programmers might also come across a thing or two here.

Codecademy JavaScript Track

Codecademy has carved a niche for itself in the programming industry and is one of the best online coding schools there is. Their JavaScript Track is no exception to all their other top-notch tutorials as it is exceptional for coding newbies and the best part is it does not require any fees or registrations.

Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke

This tutorial comes in form of a digital book and teaches from the basics to the intricacies of the language about coding with the language. Students can access the entire tutorial online for free. Eloquent JavaScript is great for coders of any level.


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