5 Best Places to Learn Ruby Online

Ruby is often mistaken for Ruby on Rails and in fact, in the world of web development, Ruby on Rails also known as RoR is talked about more than Ruby itself but a hardly understood fact is that Ruby is actually the foundation of Ruby on Rails… even the name betrays it.

This article contains information on the concept of Ruby, Why you should study Ruby and the best places to study Ruby online.

Concept of Ruby

Ruby is a simple and easy to understand open source programming language that is often recommended as a start out language for aspiring programmers. Ruby has an easier to read and understand syntax that is more natural than other programming languages.

The importance of Ruby cannot be underestimated as even Ruby on Rails is actually a development framework that has been built using the Ruby Programming Language. Most Social Networking sites, Wikis and CMS’s are built using Ruby on Rails.

Why should you study Ruby?

Most programming enthusiasts are keen on studying Ruby on Rails first but most experts advise learning Ruby first because it is easier to learn Ruby on Rails with a knowledge of Ruby, seeing as Ruby itself is the language that powers the RoR framework. As one of the fastest growing languages used to create over 600,000 websites, Ruby is a must-learn language.


One programming myth is that learning must come from a live tutor but fact remains that it is fairly easy to teach yourself to program…especially online. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of platforms that serve as our idea of the 5 best places to learn Ruby online.


Try Ruby

Try Ruby is probably the best introductory Ruby learning resource. Try Ruby offers an incredibly thorough easy to follow procedure to learning the language, not to mention, there is an inline coding environment, right on the front page. Try Ruby is ideal for Ruby learners of all levels from beginners to experts. Their website is www.tryruby.org.

Ruby in 20 minutes

Ruby in 20 minutes is a 20-minute tutorial provided by the Ruby team themselves. Here you will learn the basics of the programming language in 20 minutes and while you will not be able to harness all the potentials of the language yet, you will have just enough knowledge to get you started.

Code School Ruby Path

This is a full-fledged online tutorial on Ruby language that takes your from the basics of Ruby to the intricacies as you become an expert. You can write Ruby codes in your browser and the results will display. Code school offers in-depth lessons on the Ruby language, as well as videos too. Introductory lessons are free, after which students pay a tuition fee of $29 a month.

Ruby Learning

This website serves as a good start out for people both new to programming and the Ruby language. Ruby Learning offers a complete tutorial to introduce newbies to the fundamentals of Ruby as well as a handful of resources that are useful while working with the language. From Beginners to Experts, Ruby Learning offers new insights into the programming language.

Ruby Foundations Course

This is an online course offered by TreeHouse which serves as the perfect starting point for any new coders seeking to understand Ruby. There is a 14-day free trial period after which students are required to pay $25/month for courses.

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