Top 5 websites to learn coding online

At some point, programming was considered a world reserved for geeks and geniuses. In this day and time of internet and e-learning, programming is no longer as reserved as it used to be. Today, just about anyone can learn to code easily but this begs the question of the best places to start learning to code. This article would serve as a guide to our readers as by the end of this article, they would have discovered the top 5 websites to learn coding online and what each site offers. This list includes

  • Codecademy
  • CodeAvengers
  • CodeSchool
  • TreeHouse
  • LearnStreet

All of the sites mentioned on this list provide an in-depth interactive approach to coding.


It’s anyone’s guess what the top site is on our list. Codecademy is without an argument, the most famous website that teaches coding interactively. With its helpful interface and well-structured courses, Codecademy offers courses ranging from Web Fundamentals, JavaScript, Python, APIs and even jQuery. There are instructions and code panels to help you code without making mistakes as well as helpful hints to guide your coding path. With Codecademy, it’s almost like you had a private tutor.


For coding enthusiasts, this platform promises to ignite your programming passions even more. While CodeAvengers offers only HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 as of yet, each course is carefully designed to truly entertain you while leveling your programming skills. CodeAvengers is crafted with the beginner’s comfort in mind as it offers a gradual approach to interactive learning. Beginners are only fed with essential information instead of too much unwanted information.



More like a sequel to your Codecademy and CodeAvengers lessons, CodeSchool is a platform for intermediate learners that further expand their coding capabilities. With CodeSchool, you get more in-depth courses that train and turn you into an expert with the best practices found in the industry. Codeschool categorizes its course into four paths

  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • iOS

While CodeSchool offers most of its courses free, some other advanced courses come at a $25/month fee.



If you are a novice at programming with a planned purpose then TreeHouse courses are just for you. Certain people get into programming for a particular purpose such as Website Development and just that. TreeHouse offers courses that are project oriented to satisfy whatever purpose you need. All TreeHouse courses are divided into four parts with the first stage free and then subsequent stages priced at $25 per month to access all courses with over 650 videos, plus an exclusive TreeHouse Forum Membership. See more in this Treehouse review



Some people like the easy fancy approach to learning while some others would rather have it head-on. LearnStreet is the perfect place for the latter. LearnStreet offers lessons in JavaScript, Python and Ruby courses on a novice/beginner level. Lessons start off immediately the student clicks the “Start” button. LearnStreet uses a command prompt style code interpreter with human languages used to explain functions and provide encouragement where necessary. LearnStreet Code interpreter often requires that you type the absolute same code and content it asks for and is not very dynamic to errors. Students learn to code online…the raw way!

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