Top 5 websites to Learn iOS

Statistically, one out of five people in the world uses a Smartphone, while one in seventeen people have tablets. Fact remains that both mobile devices would be useless without apps and this is where iOS comes in.

Using the United States as a case study, there are at least 224 million monthly app users who are active at all times which implies app development is obviously in demand. Two of the most in-demand mobile apps platform is Android and iOS and in this article, we would be listing our idea of the five best places to learn iOS.

In contrast to other programming languages that we have talked about in our blog, mobile app development requires more time and involves layers.

That being said, it is still very possible to teach yourself mobile app development and you don’t have to spend a lot of money doing that. To kickstart your journey in the world of mobile app development, here’s our list of top 5 websites to learn iOS. While some teach you for free others cost money. Our list includes

  • iOS Dev Center
  • iPhone Dev Forums
  • Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift
  • NSScreencast
  • Flatiron School iOS Development Prework

iOS Dev Center

The makers of iOS – Apple have a free online resource for anyone interested in iOS app development. The resource has starter-guides, tutorials, videos and important documentation to help iOS enthusiasts learn, hone and master their iOS development skills. The site is constantly updated with new upgrades or useful information which is why coders of all skill levels can benefit from it.


iPhone Dev Forums

iPhone Dev Forums as the name implies is a community forum for iPhone developers which offers resources, helpful advice and an active community of developers. The tutorials and guides shared here are often from developers of intermediate to expert levels so newbies are sure to learn from people who were once in their position.

Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift

Developing ioS 8 Apps with Swift is a course provided by Stanford and hosted via the iTunes online university. While the updated course is free, students must have iTunes installed on their computer to attend, or view the lessons. The course covers the latest intricacies in the iOS world and is probably best for intermediate and expert coders, newbies without prior experience can try the website below.

Flatiron School iOS Development Prework

Flatiron School offers a detailed compilation of useful iOS development resources. Courses are ordered in a lesson structure and are considered the ideal starting point for beginner coders. However, there are also plenty of resources available on this site for the intermediate and expert coders too. Some of the topics detailed in the course are iOS basics, Map Kit, customizing UI kit, principles of object-oriented programming, mobile design, iOS UI tools, customizing UI kit and much more.


For students learning from NSScreencast, it’s all about short videos tutorials that contain loads of information about learning iOS development. These videos are published weekly with each video exploring a new segment or topic pertaining to iOS app development. While the screencast a bunch of free lessons, if you want to access the more advanced content you would have to subscribe at a charge of $9 a month which gives you unlimited access to their entire library of videos.


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