Top 5 websites to learn PHP

PHP is one of the most used programming languages of today and contrary to popular belief the language is fairly easy to learn, especially online. PHP is the language used to create most dynamic sites and web applications found on the web and even more is the fact that PHP powers some very popular platforms like WordPress, Wikipedia and more.

You don’t need to search the depths of the internet to find a great place to learn PHP as in this article we would be showing you the 5 best places you can learn PHP without breaking the bank.

This list includes:

  • PHP Manual
  • PHP Tutorial by Tizag
  • PHP 101
  • Hacking With PHP (used to be Practical PHP Programming)
  • Killer PHP

All of the sites mentioned on this list provide an in-depth interactive approach to learning PHP.

1. PHP Manual

PHP manual is the official manual for the PHP language and is provided by the creators of the language. This offers a comprehensive guide on PHP as it covers everything ranging from basic commands and their usage to overall functions and security. While the PHP Manual is not quite the most user-friendly or attractive guide available, it is without doubt one of the best. The PHP Manual has a simple structure and layout which makes it very easy to access and read on mobile devices and as a result students can read a lot of the content on-the-go.

2. PHP Tutorial by Tizag

The PHP Tutorial by Tizag is an ideal PHP reference material as it focuses primarily on the basics of the language such as the definition of PHP, the commands, and methods for using them. While this tutorial is not very versed when it comes to actually applying those commands or using them in the real-world, it serves as a direct reference — much like a textbook. It certainly comes in handy when you dive into practical coding.

3. PHP 101

PHP 101 is a website designed to help people without prior knowledge of programming or PHP as a programming language with all the information they need. For newbies just starting out with PHP and want to learn by example, PHP 101 is just the place to go. While the PHP 101 site does not have a lot of reference screenshots, it, however, offers a handful of useful yet entertaining tutorials with clear, concise and easy to read content that is extremely beneficial to coding newbies. At the end of the course, students can try out their knowledge by designing a simple RSS news aggregate via PHP.

4. Hacking With PHP

Hacking with PHP offers a very practical approach to learning PHP starting from an overview of the language to a brief introduction to the field as well as lots of exercises and resources to help students get a full understanding of the language. This guide is separated into two segments and each chapter is lush with information pertaining to important elements in PHP. The tutorial is free.

5. Killer PHP

For people looking to study and learn PHP within a limited time-frame, Killer PHP is the place to go. They offer a hands-on tutorial with a head-on approach that has very little fanciness. With Killer PHP, students learn PHP skills that they are able to use in a very short time. While there are complimentary videos to cover each section of the tutorial, the real prize winner is still the tutorial.

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