Top 5 websites to learn coding online

At some point, programming was considered a world reserved for geeks and geniuses. In this day and time of internet and e-learning, programming is no longer as reserved as it used to be. Today, just about anyone can learn to code easily but this begs the question of the best places to start learning to code. This article would serve as a guide to our readers as by the end of this article, they would have discovered the top 5 websites to learn coding online and what each site offers. This list includes

  • Codecademy
  • CodeAvengers
  • CodeSchool
  • TreeHouse
  • LearnStreet

All of the sites mentioned on this list provide an in-depth interactive approach to coding.


It’s anyone’s guess what the top site is on our list. Codecademy is without an argument, the most famous website that teaches coding interactively. With its helpful interface and well-structured courses, Codecademy offers courses ranging from Web Fundamentals, JavaScript, Python, APIs and even jQuery. There are instructions and code panels to help you code without making mistakes as well as helpful hints to guide your coding path. With Codecademy, it’s almost like you had a private tutor.


For coding enthusiasts, this platform promises to ignite your programming passions even more. While CodeAvengers offers only HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 as of yet, each course is carefully designed to truly entertain you while leveling your programming skills. CodeAvengers is crafted with the beginner’s comfort in mind as it offers a gradual approach to interactive learning. Beginners are only fed with essential information instead of too much unwanted information.



More like a sequel to your Codecademy and CodeAvengers lessons, CodeSchool is a platform for intermediate learners that further expand their coding capabilities. With CodeSchool, you get more in-depth courses that train and turn you into an expert with the best practices found in the industry. Codeschool categorizes its course into four paths

  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • iOS

While CodeSchool offers most of its courses free, some other advanced courses come at a $25/month fee.



If you are a novice at programming with a planned purpose then TreeHouse courses are just for you. Certain people get into programming for a particular purpose such as Website Development and just that. TreeHouse offers courses that are project oriented to satisfy whatever purpose you need. All TreeHouse courses are divided into four parts with the first stage free and then subsequent stages priced at $25 per month to access all courses with over 650 videos, plus an exclusive TreeHouse Forum Membership. See more in this Treehouse review



Some people like the easy fancy approach to learning while some others would rather have it head-on. LearnStreet is the perfect place for the latter. LearnStreet offers lessons in JavaScript, Python and Ruby courses on a novice/beginner level. Lessons start off immediately the student clicks the “Start” button. LearnStreet uses a command prompt style code interpreter with human languages used to explain functions and provide encouragement where necessary. LearnStreet Code interpreter often requires that you type the absolute same code and content it asks for and is not very dynamic to errors. Students learn to code online…the raw way!

Top 5 websites to Learn iOS

Statistically, one out of five people in the world uses a Smartphone, while one in seventeen people have tablets. Fact remains that both mobile devices would be useless without apps and this is where iOS comes in.

Using the United States as a case study, there are at least 224 million monthly app users who are active at all times which implies app development is obviously in demand. Two of the most in-demand mobile apps platform is Android and iOS and in this article, we would be listing our idea of the five best places to learn iOS.

In contrast to other programming languages that we have talked about in our blog, mobile app development requires more time and involves layers.

That being said, it is still very possible to teach yourself mobile app development and you don’t have to spend a lot of money doing that. To kickstart your journey in the world of mobile app development, here’s our list of top 5 websites to learn iOS. While some teach you for free others cost money. Our list includes

  • iOS Dev Center
  • iPhone Dev Forums
  • Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift
  • NSScreencast
  • Flatiron School iOS Development Prework

iOS Dev Center

The makers of iOS – Apple have a free online resource for anyone interested in iOS app development. The resource has starter-guides, tutorials, videos and important documentation to help iOS enthusiasts learn, hone and master their iOS development skills. The site is constantly updated with new upgrades or useful information which is why coders of all skill levels can benefit from it.


iPhone Dev Forums

iPhone Dev Forums as the name implies is a community forum for iPhone developers which offers resources, helpful advice and an active community of developers. The tutorials and guides shared here are often from developers of intermediate to expert levels so newbies are sure to learn from people who were once in their position.

Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift

Developing ioS 8 Apps with Swift is a course provided by Stanford and hosted via the iTunes online university. While the updated course is free, students must have iTunes installed on their computer to attend, or view the lessons. The course covers the latest intricacies in the iOS world and is probably best for intermediate and expert coders, newbies without prior experience can try the website below.

Flatiron School iOS Development Prework

Flatiron School offers a detailed compilation of useful iOS development resources. Courses are ordered in a lesson structure and are considered the ideal starting point for beginner coders. However, there are also plenty of resources available on this site for the intermediate and expert coders too. Some of the topics detailed in the course are iOS basics, Map Kit, customizing UI kit, principles of object-oriented programming, mobile design, iOS UI tools, customizing UI kit and much more.


For students learning from NSScreencast, it’s all about short videos tutorials that contain loads of information about learning iOS development. These videos are published weekly with each video exploring a new segment or topic pertaining to iOS app development. While the screencast a bunch of free lessons, if you want to access the more advanced content you would have to subscribe at a charge of $9 a month which gives you unlimited access to their entire library of videos.


Learn Coding For Free Online

Looking to learn coding without breaking the bank? Then this article would come in handy as we have compiled a list of the best places to learn to code for free.

The importance of coding cannot be underestimated and the best part is just about anybody can learn to code. Along with some that we have already listed in our previous blog post, here are six more websites that would teach you to code for free.

1. CodeAcademy

CodeAcademy has to be one of the most used free places for people who want to learn to code. So much so in fact, that over 20 million people are said to have learned to code using this educational company’s engaging experience. CodeAcademy offers a variety of courses that can sufficiently take an average person from newbie to expert programmer with courses such as HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, and Ruby all offered for free.

2. aGupieWare

AGupieWare is often considered the perfect introductory program for prospective computer programmers and while you would not receive credit as with regular universities, you would have access to the same knowledge contained in the free computer science courses offered by some of the best US based Universities. aGupieWare is said to have surveyed several computer-science programs offered by some of the leading institutions in the U.S then created a similar curriculum based on the free courses offered by Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley and Columbia. The program offers 15 courses which contain 3 introductory classes, 7 core classes, and 5 electives.

3. MIT Open Courseware

MIT offers intermediate courses for people looking to explore the theory behind coding. Essentially, students are expected to have already learned the basics and are looking to expand their knowledge. MIT’s free courses include classes on Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Introduction to Programming in Java and Practical Programming in C.

4. Coursera

Coursera was founded in 2012 and has since grown to become a major for-profit educational technology company offering over 1,000 courses from 119 institutions globally. While students are able and are advised to pay for programs that come with a certificate, there are a number of free introductory programming courses in various specializations from universities such as the University of Washington, Stanford, the University of Toronto and Vanderbilt.

5. Udemy

Udemy is a popular online learning platform used as a way to either learn or improve on job skills. In certain cases, there are courses you have to pay for, while Udemy also offers plenty of free programming courses. Most of Udemy’s courses are taught via video lessons and for coding enthusiasts, they offer free courses such as Programming for Entrepreneurs – HTML & CSS and Introduction to Python Programming.

6. edX

Yet another leading online-learning platform that is open-source instead of a for-profit is edX. A product of a 2012 collaboration between Harvard University and MIT, edX offers cutting-edge technologies and theories capable of making programmers out of novices. With over 60 edX schools available, the free Introduction to Computer Science from Harvard University is most definitely one to opt in for.

5 Best Places to Learn Ruby Online

Ruby is often mistaken for Ruby on Rails and in fact, in the world of web development, Ruby on Rails also known as RoR is talked about more than Ruby itself but a hardly understood fact is that Ruby is actually the foundation of Ruby on Rails… even the name betrays it.

This article contains information on the concept of Ruby, Why you should study Ruby and the best places to study Ruby online.

Concept of Ruby

Ruby is a simple and easy to understand open source programming language that is often recommended as a start out language for aspiring programmers. Ruby has an easier to read and understand syntax that is more natural than other programming languages.

The importance of Ruby cannot be underestimated as even Ruby on Rails is actually a development framework that has been built using the Ruby Programming Language. Most Social Networking sites, Wikis and CMS’s are built using Ruby on Rails.

Why should you study Ruby?

Most programming enthusiasts are keen on studying Ruby on Rails first but most experts advise learning Ruby first because it is easier to learn Ruby on Rails with a knowledge of Ruby, seeing as Ruby itself is the language that powers the RoR framework. As one of the fastest growing languages used to create over 600,000 websites, Ruby is a must-learn language.


One programming myth is that learning must come from a live tutor but fact remains that it is fairly easy to teach yourself to program…especially online. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of platforms that serve as our idea of the 5 best places to learn Ruby online.


Try Ruby

Try Ruby is probably the best introductory Ruby learning resource. Try Ruby offers an incredibly thorough easy to follow procedure to learning the language, not to mention, there is an inline coding environment, right on the front page. Try Ruby is ideal for Ruby learners of all levels from beginners to experts. Their website is

Ruby in 20 minutes

Ruby in 20 minutes is a 20-minute tutorial provided by the Ruby team themselves. Here you will learn the basics of the programming language in 20 minutes and while you will not be able to harness all the potentials of the language yet, you will have just enough knowledge to get you started.

Code School Ruby Path

This is a full-fledged online tutorial on Ruby language that takes your from the basics of Ruby to the intricacies as you become an expert. You can write Ruby codes in your browser and the results will display. Code school offers in-depth lessons on the Ruby language, as well as videos too. Introductory lessons are free, after which students pay a tuition fee of $29 a month.

Ruby Learning

This website serves as a good start out for people both new to programming and the Ruby language. Ruby Learning offers a complete tutorial to introduce newbies to the fundamentals of Ruby as well as a handful of resources that are useful while working with the language. From Beginners to Experts, Ruby Learning offers new insights into the programming language.

Ruby Foundations Course

This is an online course offered by TreeHouse which serves as the perfect starting point for any new coders seeking to understand Ruby. There is a 14-day free trial period after which students are required to pay $25/month for courses.

5 Best Places to Learn JavaScript Online

Javascript is described and referred to as the official language of the web. Most online and mobile applications are created using the language.

Regardless of your experience at coding, from beginner to intermediate coder, JavaScript is certainly one of the best if not the best language to start with. And thanks to the advent of mobile technology and internet-ready devices, the language has become quite popular these days which means, for anyone looking to learn JavaScript, they are sure to be acquiring a valuable skill in this day and time.

JavaScript is much simpler than most other computer languages, which not only makes it easier to learn and work with but also one of the most open and widely supported languages when it comes to developer support. JavaScript is a cross-platform language and as such can be used on a different devices, computers and applications.

Contrary to popular belief, coding does not always require a physical tutor or even a college, you can teach yourself to code in any language. In this article we have listed what we consider our 5 best places to learn JavaScript online at little or no expense at all.

Mozilla’s JavaScript Guide

The Mozilla JavaScript Guide is hosted on Mozilla’s developer resources network and is most definitely one of the most comprehensive guides you would find on the internet. It does not matter what the student’s skill level is as this guide is ideal for all levels, from beginner to expert. The Mozilla guide covers a variety of topics from basic coding lessons to more advanced functions.

Wikibooks JavaScript Guide

Over the years, crowdsourcing has come to be respected as a great way to get information and this Wikibooks JavaScript Guide is one of the products of crowdsourcing. Essentially a crowdsourced online tutorial, this guide is quite frankly top-notch and extremely useful. If you are looking to learn something specific without having to read an entire JavaScript tutorial then this guide is a great resource.

JavaScript Tutorial by W3schools

This free online JavaScript course is provided by W3schools. W3schools are known to offer a variety of programming lessons. This tutorial takes you from beginner to comfortably savvy when it comes to JavaScript and in a bid to test your knowledge, you can take a final exam that earns you a JavaScript certification. While JavaScript y W3schools is a great place for beginner to intermediate coders, experienced programmers might also come across a thing or two here.

Codecademy JavaScript Track

Codecademy has carved a niche for itself in the programming industry and is one of the best online coding schools there is. Their JavaScript Track is no exception to all their other top-notch tutorials as it is exceptional for coding newbies and the best part is it does not require any fees or registrations.

Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke

This tutorial comes in form of a digital book and teaches from the basics to the intricacies of the language about coding with the language. Students can access the entire tutorial online for free. Eloquent JavaScript is great for coders of any level.


Top 5 websites to learn PHP

PHP is one of the most used programming languages of today and contrary to popular belief the language is fairly easy to learn, especially online. PHP is the language used to create most dynamic sites and web applications found on the web and even more is the fact that PHP powers some very popular platforms like WordPress, Wikipedia and more.

You don’t need to search the depths of the internet to find a great place to learn PHP as in this article we would be showing you the 5 best places you can learn PHP without breaking the bank.

This list includes:

  • PHP Manual
  • PHP Tutorial by Tizag
  • PHP 101
  • Hacking With PHP (used to be Practical PHP Programming)
  • Killer PHP

All of the sites mentioned on this list provide an in-depth interactive approach to learning PHP.

1. PHP Manual

PHP manual is the official manual for the PHP language and is provided by the creators of the language. This offers a comprehensive guide on PHP as it covers everything ranging from basic commands and their usage to overall functions and security. While the PHP Manual is not quite the most user-friendly or attractive guide available, it is without doubt one of the best. The PHP Manual has a simple structure and layout which makes it very easy to access and read on mobile devices and as a result students can read a lot of the content on-the-go.

2. PHP Tutorial by Tizag

The PHP Tutorial by Tizag is an ideal PHP reference material as it focuses primarily on the basics of the language such as the definition of PHP, the commands, and methods for using them. While this tutorial is not very versed when it comes to actually applying those commands or using them in the real-world, it serves as a direct reference — much like a textbook. It certainly comes in handy when you dive into practical coding.

3. PHP 101

PHP 101 is a website designed to help people without prior knowledge of programming or PHP as a programming language with all the information they need. For newbies just starting out with PHP and want to learn by example, PHP 101 is just the place to go. While the PHP 101 site does not have a lot of reference screenshots, it, however, offers a handful of useful yet entertaining tutorials with clear, concise and easy to read content that is extremely beneficial to coding newbies. At the end of the course, students can try out their knowledge by designing a simple RSS news aggregate via PHP.

4. Hacking With PHP

Hacking with PHP offers a very practical approach to learning PHP starting from an overview of the language to a brief introduction to the field as well as lots of exercises and resources to help students get a full understanding of the language. This guide is separated into two segments and each chapter is lush with information pertaining to important elements in PHP. The tutorial is free.

5. Killer PHP

For people looking to study and learn PHP within a limited time-frame, Killer PHP is the place to go. They offer a hands-on tutorial with a head-on approach that has very little fanciness. With Killer PHP, students learn PHP skills that they are able to use in a very short time. While there are complimentary videos to cover each section of the tutorial, the real prize winner is still the tutorial.