7 Best AI Tools for Content Writing To Write Quality Articles In Minutes

Writing great and engaging content is one of the most important aspects of SEO and developing good traffic volumes to your websites and content. And it’s also one of the most difficult tasks for any business.

With the help of some of the best ai tools for content writing, however. You can boost your online productivity to be able to produce high-quality, search engine-friendly and on topic material that will help your business grow and save you valuable time and money in the process.

In this article, we’ll be introducing you to what we consider seven of the best ai content writing tools available on the market today in 2023. These are some of the best ai writing tools that we have tested and used ourselves for our own blog content creation and that will help you to be able to produce content quickly and help you generate content ideas to become more productive in your writing and content creation process.

What Are the Best AI Tools for Content Writing in 2023?

By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence these best AI writing tools can help you create great content and improve your SEO at the same time. Article Forge, WordHero, Jarvis, NeuronWriter, WriterZen, BrameWork and Grammarly are just some examples of the new range of powerful AI writing software of 2022 that we have tested and rated as worth considering to add to your writing toolbox.

These content creator tools provide a range of different AI content writing functions depending on your creativity and writing style.

At a range of prices to suit all budgets there should be an AI writer option here for everyone. You can even get a free trial or a free plan option with many of these AI content writer tools. This can be very beneficial to understand their potential for your business and how they align with your content writing needs.


AI Tools for Content Writing Short List


What Are AI Tools Used for Content Writing?

Marketing online is now a very busy and competitive place. In order to stand out your business needs to be publishing high-quality content regularly. Across a whole range of social media and websites or blog sites. All of these mediums require content. Which even if you repurpose your content as much as possible. Is still a full-time task for many businesses.

Using automation can reduce the time taken to syndicate all this content. And using Artificial Intelligence with these best AI writing tools can help you get over the writers block. And drastically improve your teams’ capability to produce good content article writing. And write blog posts much more quickly. These best AI writing software tools of 2022 can take the writing process of creating different types of content down from days and hours to just minutes. And even with a little editing if still required, you can still be producing written content in under an hour.

Article Forge

If you’re looking for an AI content generator for writing regular volumes of short or long form content, Article Forge could be the ideal content production solution for you and one of the best ai-based writing tools currently available. This software will write your original content for you around a target keyword or content phrase.

The software will use AI writing to write articles generated from content researched around the topic for you. The automated article writing software creates very well written content that can be used as is for a large number of your online content requirements such as blogs, social media and websites. You can select single posts or multiple posts with this AI writing software and you can also select the content in multiple languages.

ArticleForge also allows you to select whether the software chooses images and videos for you that match the content that you have requested. When the software has written the post you will have a complete post ready to go in just minutes.

This is a great AI copywriting software tool if you need to create a large number of articles and posts for your business. Or if you need to write content about topics that are very varied. Article Forge can create both short-form and long-form content.

You can read our full in-depth Article Forge review here and view some content created by the AI tool for content writing here.

There is also a free trial version of Article Forge which you can use and test out all the features of the software writing tool to see if this is the type of content that you would like to use and may need to grow for your business.

article forge free trial image


If you’ve ever been caught with writer’s block and want to come up with new ideas, WordHero is an AI tool for content writing that can help. This powerful tool includes a range of writing tools that will boost your online content to generate unique content every time. The writing tools help you maximize your writing speed by eliminating the need for outlining content for writing and allowing you to focus on the specifics of your keyword terms or developing new content themes.

AI Writing Tools WordHero

The writing tools are grouped into a range of most common usages such as Business, Marketing, Social Media, Writing Tools and Miscellaneous. These are very powerful features and include a whole range of functions to help you create content for blog descriptions, blog titles, AIDA, PAS, Google Ads and social media bios, to name just a few. In total there are more than 60 AI writing tool functions included within the WordHero software. The software is fast and can create content for you in many languages with its support for over 108 languages.

The WordHero lifetime option is the best value currently and is available here only for a short period of time. There is a Starter Lifetime Plan that includes all the basic features, including the 108 language options, basic grammar checks, and all the content tools but with some limits on the volume of monthly content. The Premium Lifetime Plan comes with all the features included and with unlimited AI content. This is priced at $89 for the Lifetime Starter version or $269 for the Lifetime Pro version.

After the lifetime deal ends the WordHero AI software will only be available as a monthly or annual subscription. This will include all the basic features, including the 108 language options, basic grammar checks, all the content tools including the long-form content tool and with unlimited words generated per month. This is priced at $49 per month if paid monthly or $348 per year if paid annually.

WordHero Lifetime Option

Jasper Formerly Content.AI

Jasper is an AI writing software which was originally released as Content.AI. Jasper started the trend for offering the many text based functions similar to that which WordHero includes. Jasper and WordHero are very similar in look and feel although they use different ai-powered writing engines to generate their content.

These are also very powerful features within Jasper for content creation. Including a whole range of functions to help you create content for Amazon product descriptions, blog headlines, blog intros, blog paragraphs, brand name ideas, content rewriter, email subject lines and Facebook ads to name just a few.

Jasper has a feature for the long-form content which is termed Boss Mode. To my knowledge this is the only writing tool in the market that uses a series of commands to drive the AI system when using the long-form content mode. This is a feature many other AI writing tools are not using to direct the write content more directly. This is said to give more control over the AI writing engine. Jasper also allows you to dictate the style of the writing so that you can write in the style of another person such as a famous copywriter or personality.

There are a number of monthly subscription options for Jasper depending on the volume of AI content that you require. The minimum subscription is the Starter plan. This will give you access to to all the base templates and you can write short-form content like product descriptions and single paragraphs with the software for up to 20,000 maximum words generated per month. This is priced at $29 per month if paid monthly or $24 per month if paid annually. To unlock the long-form content which is termed Boss Mode with Jasper you need to subscribe to a Boss Mode plan. This provides up to 50,000 maximum words generated per month. This is priced at $59 per month if paid monthly or $49 per month if paid annually.

For large volume users you can increase the subscription on a sliding scale to incraese the maximum words generated per month. This is available with both plans to increase the maximum words generated per month.

What is the Best AI Writing Assistant?

There is a lot of debate when it comes to AI writing assistants and whether or not they are beneficial to writers. Some people believe that content writing software can help writers to produce better quality content, as they can offer suggestions and feedback based on the data they have analyzed. Others believe that AI writing support tools ultimately limit creativity and could lead to the production of more formulaic and repetitive content. There is no clear consensus on the matter, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Two of the leading AI writing assistants to consider are NeuronWriter and WriterZen.
Both of these products are very strong and we utilize both of these for different purposes. NeuronWriter is very good to develop an existing piece of content whereas when we are looking to research and create a new piece of content within a new market which is still to be completely defined and researched we utilize WriterZen as it has a stronger focus on the research, keyword grouping and keyword filtering options. Both of these can group your content into separate projects to allow your writers and content to have separate workspaces for your different clients or writing projects.


NeuronWriter is an AI writing assistant tool that allows you to research a keyword. And then create a highly optimized article around that topic. The software uses AI to research the keyword. And to compare the keyword with your competition and the content that is ranking best for that term online. The advanced AI tool is not designed as a quick content creation tool. But is designed to support you in creating really high quality material that you want AI to generate content to support you with. For the development of the quality of your content. And to ensure the content is highly targeted and as on topic as possible for use in more competitive markets.

The AI is used for the research of your initial term, the comparison of your content against your competition and within the content creation.

ai writing tool neuronwriter

The content editor scores your content’s ranking and suggests areas where the content should be improved. To improve its relevance and its ranking potential. As you develop your content this will be scored, rated and compared with the competition. The scoring includes the relevant words used within the titles and within the content. Word counts and readability are also scored and content terms are suggested. As are YouTube videos for inclusion or for developing your own YouTube videos.

The software also includes additional features like grammar check, article outlines, headline suggestions, and keyword analysis. Which help you to write attention-grabbing and highly relevant article content that can compete online.

NeuronWriter AI writing tool uses state-of-the-art technology to support you to create original, unique articles. The finished articles you create with this software tool are highly optimized for the search engines. It can replace Grammarly and other grammar and SEO tools and includes a lot of valuable competitor analysis all within one AI writing tool.


WriterZen is an AI writing assistant software that allows you to research a keyword. And then create a highly optimized article around that topic. The software uses AI to research the keyword and to compare it with your competition. It also has AI functions included within the content creation to generate content for you. And also to rate your content sentiment analysis. This is similar to the AI that Google uses to ascertain the sentiment of your content.

ai writing tool writerzen

WriterZen is designed very much to improve your writing and to support the production of quality content. WriterZen begins this with AI topic discovery and then the keyword research. The WriterZen software guides you through researching a topic. And then channeling you through the research to the keyword selection. With powerful keyword features and competition analysis functions. The separate functions for content research are built into the AI software tool. This is a very comprehensive writing tool that begins with the Topic Discovery. And then drilling down into specific keywords. And then onto the article creation. And then scoring the content against your competition.

content analysis in writerzen

The WriterZen AI tool is not designed as a quick content creation tool. But is designed to support you in researching topics. Selecting the best keywords with its powerful keyword analysis functions. And then creating really high quality content. The AI writing tool that helps support you with the development of your writing. Outlining the content. And provides good insights into the highest ranking content on the search engines for the required term. This allows you to view the current content and the style and coverage of that topic that is ranking online.

content suggestions in writerzen

The keywords and densities are suggested to be covered. But you can also select the terms that you would also like to be included. As you develop your content this will be scored, rated and compared with the competition. This includes the images, titles, paragraphs and word counts. The scoring of this helps to ensure it is highly targeted and on topic content. For use in more competitive markets. There is also a built in plagiarism checker, AI content generation and sentiment analysis functions included within WriterZen.

The software is extremely powerful for researching, grouping relevant keyword terms for content and then scoring the output. It does have a steeper learning curve but it is worth it when you understand this tool for the comprehensive software functions from topic discovery to content creation that it provides.

BrameWork AI Copywriting Tool

Bramework is an AI writer software tool with keyword research functions included. You can use the software to write outlines and paragraphs, or generate blog posts. It has the ability to create unique content and high conversion rates with correct targeting. It does not have the full range of writing functions as WordHero but it is a more writing focused AI tool. That includes both long and short-form content generation. Including a function for generating blog titles.

It has inbuilt keyword research tools functions which are powered by SemRush. Using this first will help you to select the most appropriate keyword to target. Bramework can help you with the target keyword research. And then the blog content creation process.

bramework AI tool

Bramework has a simple 3 step process

Step 1. Enter your primary keyword or topic.

Step 2. Select or add additional keywords or questions you’d like to cover in your post.

Step 3. Click create and within seconds your outline is generated by the AI writer. And ready for your personal touch.

Bramework generates content within seconds and is easy to use. The software generates articles that have the proper grammar and are visually appealing. Bramework has a user-friendly interface and Bramework also offers a free trial plus a free version option.

How Can AI Technology Help Us Write Correctly?

By using AI functions such as the Grammar Corrector function the AI can help everyone to write better content. As the AI will correct grammatical errors and suggest alternative words or phrases. The AI can also help people to improve their writing skills by providing feedback and suggestions on how to improve their writing. This includes readability scores, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, headline targeting and even headline click-ability.


If you’re looking for a simple AI writing assistant to improve your already written content, Grammarly may be worth checking out. This software will check your content for errors and make suggestions on how to improve it. The free version of Grammarly is good for individuals. While the premium and business versions are best for companies and teams of writers. Each plan comes with various features, including real-time feedback.

grammarly AI software writer

Grammarly uses machine learning to analyze human language patterns and recognize errors. It then translates these errors into the correct language. The grammar suggestions highlight in different colors and recommend actions when clicked. The tool also has the ability to automatically correct any errors it finds. However, this feature is limited to editing in the app.

7 Best AI Writing Software: Can They Write Like Us?

There are a variety of AI tools for content writing available on the market and their quality is getting better and better with each release. Whether you are looking for an AI content writing tool that uses natural language processing (NLP) with the help of AI to write better, more engaging content. Or just looking for something to help you generate new content ideas for your social media marketing or to improve your grammar and spelling. These best ai tools for content writing can also help you write better, more engaging content by using their built in marketing principles and structured templates. The AI also can increase your productivity as these tools can continue to produce content for you in the background.

There is certainly something here for everyone. The edges are blurring on the quality that these software can generate and their use will no doubt increase as the software continue to evolve but currently the quality is very high. If there is one criticism it may be that the content can sometimes be repetitive but that is simple to rectify and is a tool by tool issue. On balance to the amount of time that these tools can save, this is easily overcome and can be corrected. Some tools even give the option to regenerate an output or suggest multiple outputs for you to select your preference.

In conclusion, the best ai tools for content writing can help you save time and improve your writing. They can also help you become a better writer by providing feedback and suggestions. If you’re looking for a writing tool to help you improve your writing, consider using one of the best AI writing tools reviewed here.


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